Dating analysis from DSDP Hole 90-594, supplement to: Black, Kerry P; Nelson, Campbell S; Hendy, Chris H (1988): A spectral analysis procedure for dating Quaternary deep-sea cores and its application to a high-resolution Brunhes record from the Southwest Pacific. Marine Geology, 83(1-4), 21-30

Kerry P Black, Campbell S Nelson & Chris H Hendy
Date-32 is a fast and easily used computer program developed to date Quaternary deep-sea cores by associating variations in the earth's orbit with recurring oscillations in core properties, such as carbonate content or isotope composition. Starting with known top and bottom dates, distortions in the periodicities of the core properties due to varying sedimentation rates are realigned by fast Fourier analysis so as to maximise the spectral energy density at the orbital frequencies. This allows...
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