(Table 1) Distribution of 210Pb in the surface layer of shelf sediments near the Congo mouth and sedimentation rates, supplement to: Kuptsov, Vladimir M; Sharay, Irina V (1993): Rates of recent accumulation of sediments on shelf of West Equatorial Africa near Congo mouth. Oceanology, 33(3), 353-358

Vladimir M Kuptsov & Irina V Sharay
A constant concentration model was used in conjunction with the nonequilibrium 210Pb method in determining mean sedimentation rates of bottom sediments sampled during Cruise 20 of R/V Vityaz-II in a test range occurred on the Atlantic shelf near the Congo mouth. 210Pb distribution was analyzed at 16 stations located within a canyon, which is an extension of the Congo channel, and on its shoulders. On the canyon floor at depths 1 km within 12-15 cm...
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