Clay and silica minerals of ODP Site 123-765, supplement to: Compton, John S; Locker, Stanley D (1992): Diagenesis of clay and silica minerals in sediments from the Argo Basin, Northeastern Indian Ocean (Site 765). In: Gradstein, FM; Ludden, JN; et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 123, 57-75

John S Compton & Stanley D Locker
Sediments recovered from Site 765 can be divided into seven mineral associations, based on differences in clay mineralogy. These clay mineral associations correlate with the lithologic units and reflect the rift-to-drift history of the passive Australian margin. In general, the Lower to mid-Cretaceous sediments represent altered volcanic material and detrital aluminosilicates that were deposited during the early formation of the Argo Basin. The predominant clay mineral is randomly interstratified illite/smectite (I/S) that contains less than...
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