Integrated Data Sets of the EU FP5 Research Project ORFOIS: Origin and fate of biogenic particle fluxes in the ocean and their interactions with atmospheric CO2 concentrations as well as the marine sediment

Nicolas Dittert, Dorothee C E Bakker, Jorgen Bendtsen, Lydie Corrin, Marion Gehlen, Christoph Heinze, Ernst Maier-Reimer, Panagiotis Michalopoulos, Karline Soetaert & Richard S J Tol
For a reliable simulation of the time and space dependent CO2 redistribution between ocean and atmosphere an appropriate time dependent simulation of particle dynamics processes is essential but has not been carried out so far. The major difficulties were the lack of suitable modules for particle dynamics and early diagenesis (in order to close the carbon and nutrient budget) in ocean general circulation models, and the lack of an understanding of biogeochemical processes, such as...
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