Organic compounds and bitumen in surface sediments from the Pechora Bay, supplement to: Petrova, Vera I; Batova, Galina I; Galishev, M A; Ivanov, Gennadiy I (1999): Pechora Bay: An experience of geochemical monitoring. Translated from Okeanologiya, 1999, 39(4), 539-547, Oceanology, 39(4), 490-497

Vera I Petrova, Galina I Batova, M A Galishev & Gennadiy I Ivanov
Detailed geochemical investigations of bottom sediments in the Pechora Bay were carried out under a monitoring regime. The regional geochemical background is characterized. Organic matter of sediments is found to be clastic, formed under the influence of Pechora River run-off, and determined by genetic and lithofacial factors. An application of geochemical methodology is suggested for estimating hydrocarbon contamination of bottom sediments. As an example consequences of the accidental Usinsky oil spill are studied. They are...
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