Investigations on sediment profiles from Lake Ohrid (Macedonia/Albania), supplement to: Wagner, Bernd; Reicherter, Klaus; Daut, Gerhard; Wessels, Martin; Matzinger, Andreas; Schwalb, Antje; Spirkovski, Zoran; Sanxhaku, Mitat (2008): The potential of Lake Ohrid for long-term palaeoenvironmental reconstructions. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 259, 341-356

Bernd Wagner, Klaus Reicherter, Gerhard Daut, Martin Wessels, Andreas Matzinger, Antje Schwalb, Zoran Spirkovski & Mitat Sanxhaku
Lake Ohrid, at the Macedonian/Albanian border, was likely tectonically formed during the Tertiary and therefore is one of the oldest lakes in Europe. However, only a few studies exist concerning the potential of Lake Ohrid sediments for long-term palaeoenvironmental reconstructions within the scope of future potential deep-drilling campaigns. Therefore, as a first step, a transect of short surface sediment cores was investigated for chronology, physical properties, grain size, and biogeochemistry. The results were compared with...
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