Contents of Ag, Bi, In, and Tl in suspended and aerosol matter at Station DM8-579 in the Peru Basin, Southeast Pacific, supplement to: Oreshkin, Valentin N (1992): Direct detection of silver, bismuth, indium, and thallium in marine and riverine suspended matter with a lower detection threshold. Oceanology, 32(5), 661-664

Valentin N Oreshkin
A new electrothermal atomizer for use in direct determination of Ag, Bi, In, and Tl in marine, riverine, and aeolian particulate matter on membrane filters is described. A sample capsule and atomization cell are heated separately. That is why it is possible to separate and optimize decomposition of a sample, vaporization of elements and atomization of their vapors. Noise reduction and design, which localizes the vapors in a light absorption zone, decrease detection limits of...
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