(Table 1) CaCO3, terrigenous matter and Corg calculations from DSDP Hole 75-532B, supplement to: Diester-Haass, Lieselotte; Meyers, Philip A; Rothe, Peter (1986): Light-dark cycles in opal-rich sediments near the Plio-Pleistocene boundary, DSDP Site 532, Walvis Ridge continental terrace. Marine Geology, 73(1-2), 1-23

Lieselotte Diester-Haass, Philip A Meyers & Peter Rothe
Samples taken at 10 cm intervals from DSDP Core 532B-17 contain variations in carbonate, opal, organic carbon, and terrigenous components that correlate with light-dark cycles in sediment color. The core site, at 1300 m water depth, is well above the CCD, yet the color variations appear to result largely from cyclical fluctuations in carbonate dissolution, which was greater during glacial periods. Higher concentrations of organic carbon and of terrigenous sediment components correlate with enhanced carbonate...
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