(Table 2) Sedimentation and accumulation rates of DSDP Holes 38-337 and 38-338, supplement to: Thiede, Jörn; Diesen, Geir W; Knudsen, Björn-Egil; Snåre, Torbjörn (1986): Patterns of Cenozoic sedimentation in the Norwegian - Greenland Sea. Marine Geology, 69(3-4), 323-352

Jörn Thiede, Geir W Diesen, Björn-Egil Knudsen & Torbjörn Snåre
The modern depositional environment of the deep Norwegian-Greenland Sea is highly asymmetric in an E–W direction because of the hydrography of the surface water masses and because of the more or less permanent pack ice cover of the East Greenland Current regime along the Greenland continental margin. By means of sedimentation rates we have tried to investigate whether this hydrographic asymmetry influenced the sediment input to the Norwegian-Greenland Sea over the past 60 m.y. Sediment...
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