Sedimentverteilung im Seegebiet bei Bokniseck, Eckernförder Bucht, westliche Ostsee (sediment distribution at Bokniseck, western Baltic Sea; map), supplement to: Wefer, Gerold; Tauchgruppe, Kiel (1974): Topographie und Sedimente im Hausgarten des Sonderforschungsbereiches 95 der Universität Kiel (Eckernförder Bucht, Westl. Ostsee). Meyniana, 26, 3-7

Gerold Wefer & Kiel Tauchgruppe
A detailed topographic survey was carried out in the "Hausgarten"-area of the Joint Research Programm 95 of the University of Kiel by the Deutsches Hydrographisches Institut. Based on this information a sediment distribution map was constructed. A horizontal section extending from 0 to 27 m of water depth was investigated showing the distribution of pebbles and boulders, of algal growth, and exposed areas of glacial marl; the grain size distribution was determined for the various...
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