(Table 2) Maximum values of relative abundances of radiolarian species in samples of surface layer sediments from the North Atlantic, supplement to: Matul, Alexander G (1999): On the relation of Radiolaria distribution to the water masses participating in the formation of the North Atlantic deep water. Translated from Okeanologiya, 1999, 39(1), 152-157, Oceanology, 39(1), 137-142

Alexander G Matul
Distribution of twelve Radiolaria species in the surface layer of sediments was analyzed from the author's data for the North Atlantic and from published materials for the Norwegian-Greenland Basin. Presumably, the groups of species are distinguished with respect to their relation and not related to water masses participating in formation of the North Atlantic Deep Water. They are as follows: (a) the group of species (A. tumudulum, L. arachnea) from surface and subsurface water masses...
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