Diagenetic development of deep-sea carbonate sediments from DSDP Holes 30-228, 30-289 and 33-316, supplement to: Kim, Dae-Choul; Manghnani, Murli H; Schlanger, Seymour O (1985): The role of diagenesis in the development of physical properties of deep-sea carbonate sediments. Marine Geology, 69(1-2), 69-91

Dae-Choul Kim, Murli H Manghnani & Seymour O Schlanger
Laboratory measurements of ultrasonic velocity (VP, VS) and attenuation (QP**-1, QS**-1) in deep-sea carbonate sequences at DSDP Sites 288, 289 and 316 in the equatorial Pacific were made in conjunction with studies of sediment density, porosity and pore geometry in order to investigate the role of diagenesis in the development of physical properties. Bulk porosity decrease appears to be related more significantly to depth of burial than to age of strata. Both depth of burial...
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