Organic geochemistry from different DSDP Holes in the subtropical South Atlantic Ocean, supplement to: Keswani, Sushiel R; Dunham, Keith W; Meyers, Philip A (1984): Organic geochemistry of late Cenozoic sediments from the subtropical South Atlantic Ocean. Marine Geology, 61(1), 25-42

Sushiel R Keswani, Keith W Dunham & Philip A Meyers
Organic matter has been characterized in samples of Pleistocene, Pliocene, and Miocene sediments from seven Deep Sea Drilling Project sites in the subtropical South Atlantic Ocean. Organic carbon concentrations average 0.3% for most samples, and n-alkanoic acid, n-alkanol, and alkane biomarkers indicate extensive microbial reworking of organic matter in these organic-carbon-lean sediments. Samples from the easternmost parts of the South Atlantic contain an average of 4.1% organic carbon and reflect the high productivity associated with...
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