Early - Late Miocene palaeoclimate data and palaefloras of 48 samples from Southern China, supplement to: Yao, Yi-Feng; Bruch, Angela A; Mosbrugger, Volker; Li, Cheng-Sen (2011): Quantitative reconstruction of Miocene climate patterns and evolution in Southern China based on plant fossils. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 304(3-4), 291-307

Yi-Feng Yao, Angela A Bruch, Volker Mosbrugger & Cheng-Sen Li
Southern China, especially Yunnan, has undergone high tectonic activity caused by the uplift of Himalayan Mountains during the Neogene, which led to a fast changing palaeogeography. Previous study shows that Southern China has been influenced by the Asian Monsoon since at least the Early Miocene. However, it is yet not well understood how intense the Miocene monsoon system was. In the present study, 63 fossil floras of 16 localities from Southern China are compiled and...
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