Phyto- and zooplankton of the southeastern Barents Sea in April 2000, supplement to: Pautova, L A; Vinogradov, Georgy M (2001): Southeastern Barents Sea Plankton in April 2000. Translated from Okeanologiya, 2001, 41(2), 224-230, Oceanology, 41(2), 211-217

L A Pautova & Georgy M Vinogradov
Spring bloom of cold-water centric and pennate diatoms was observed in two different areas of the southeastern Barents Sea in April 2000: ice-free waters off the Kolguev Island northern shelf and the eastern Pechora Sea near the Karskie Vorota (Kara Gate) Straight in polynyas and ice-free patches in one-year-old ice. Maximal values of phytoplankton abundance and biomass were found at the ice edge. The bloom was localized in shallow water areas with depths less than...
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