Radiocarbon datings of mollusk shells, sedimentation rates and accumulation rates of sediment matter in core PS2718-6, supplement to: Levitan, Mikhail A; Arnold, M; Burtman, M V; Ivanova, Elena V; Marina, Mariya M (2000): On the Holocene sedimentation history of the eastern Kara Sea. Translated from Okeanologiya, 2000, 40(4), 614-620, Oceanology, 40(4), 577-582

Mikhail A Levitan, M Arnold, M V Burtman, Elena V Ivanova & Mariya M Marina
A bottom sediment core about 8 m long sampled in the eastern Kara Sea near the entrance to the Vil'kitsky Strait was studied. An age model was constructed based on four 14C datings obtained from by thy accelerating mass spectrometry method. Results of grain size, chemical, mineralogical, and foraminiferal analyses were adjusted to the model. A paleoceanological interpretation of these data together with paleoclimatic data on the Bol'shevik Island located in the neighborhood was performed.
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