(Table 2) Oxygen isotopic of composition of Pliocene to late Pleistocene planktonic foraminifera of the Mediterranean Sea, supplement to: Thunell, Robert C; Williams, Douglas F; Belyea, Paul R (1984): Anoxic events in the Mediterranean Sea in relation to the evolution of late Neogene climates. Marine Geology, 59(1-4), 105-134

Robert C Thunell, Douglas F Williams & Paul R Belyea
Stable isotopic and micropaleontological studies were made of selected sapropels (organic-rich sediments) deposited in the Mediterranean Sea during the last 5.0 m.y. to determine the processes responsible for their formation. Distinct isotopic and faunal changes occur across sapropels of late Pleistocene, early Pleistocene and latest Pliocene age, while smaller isotopic changes and more stable faunal assemblages are associated with the early and mid-late Pliocene sapropels. The large d18O depletions and euryhaline fauna associated with latest...
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