(Table 1) Age and depth of reflectors of the 3.5-kHz and airgun seismic record and their corresponding depth of ash layers, carbonate peaks, and transition zones from DSDP Hole 83-504B, supplement to: Mienert, Jürgen (1984): The importance of carbonate content in the acoustic stratigraphy of Panama Basin. Marine Geology, 54(3-4), 237-247

Jürgen Mienert
DSDP cores from areas of low (Site 505) and high heat flow (Site 504 B) near the Costa Rica Rift, together with seismic profiles from the Panama Basin, have been studied to determine the relationship between: (1) carbonate content and physical and acoustic properties; and (2) carbonate content, carbonate diagenesis and acoustic stratigraphy. Except for ash and chert layers, bulk density correlates strongly and linearly with carbonate content. Velocity is uniform downcore and only small...
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