(Table 3) Aeolian component of North Pacific pelagic sediments, supplement to: Rea, David K; Janecek, Thomas R (1982): Late Cenozoic changes in atmospheric circulation deduced from North Pacific eolian sediments. Marine Geology, 49(1-2), 149-167

David K Rea & Thomas R Janecek
Isolation and analysis of the eolian component of late Cenozoic pelagic sediments from the North Pacific provides direct information concerning changes in atmospheric circulation. A 50% increase in intensity of both the prevailing westerlies and the tradewinds coincides with increasing pole-to-equator temperature gradients resulting from the onset of northern hemisphere glaciation. At the same time, the mass flux of dust from continents to the North Pacific increased by a factor of 4.5, apparently reflecting significantly...
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