Tab. 1: Rates of advance of the frontal push-moraines of 19 lobes in front of an approx. 4.5 km long margin of the Kötlujökull, supplement to: Heim, Dieter (1984): Stauchmoränengenese durch die Entwicklung eines \"Gletscherfußes\" am Kötlujökull, Südisland. Polarforschung, 54(1), 21-36

Dieter Heim
In the last years masses of ice, about 5 km long, have been protruding from the lowest part of an advancing glacier margin of the Kötlujökull in Southern Iceland. In the summer of 1983, they appeared as sediment-covered lobes, 10-60 m long, bordering the glacier rnargin like agarland. 1 to 3 push-rnoraines without ice core, rnostly sickle-shaped, occured first in the frontal parts of the lobes: behind thern came several ice-cored moraines with heights of...
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