Precious metals and volatiles in rocks of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge near 15°20'N, supplement to: Lapukhov, A S; Simonov, Vladimir A; Pavlova, L K (1999): Noble metals in the bedrocks from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (15°20'N fracture zone). Translated from Okeanologiya, 1999, 39(5), 787-796, Oceanology, 39(5), 719-727

A S Lapukhov, Vladimir A Simonov & L K Pavlova
Distribution patterns of gold, platinum group metals (PGE), and volatile components are studied in the main rock types of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge lithosphere (ultrabasites, gabbro, and basalts) from the transform fracture zone at 15°20'N. It is ascertained that PGE content depends on the reduction degree of fluids, on rock types, and on their formation conditions. It is noted that concentrations of refractory elements (Os, Ir, Rh) decrease, while those of fusible elements (Pt, Pd, Au)...
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