Basalt analyses from different DSDP Holes in the Mozambique Basin and Ridge and from the Southwest Indian Ridge, supplement to: Thompson, Geoffrey; Bryan, Wilfred B; Frey, Frederick A; Dickey, John S; Davies, Hugh L (1982): Petrology, geochemistry and original tectonic setting of basalts from the Mozambique Basin and Ridge (DSDP Sites 248, 249 and 250), and from the Southwest Indian Ridge (DSDP Site 251). Marine Geology, 48(3-4), 175-195

Geoffrey Thompson, Wilfred B Bryan, Frederick A Frey, John S Dickey & Hugh L Davies
Basalts from DSDP Sites 248, 249, 250 and 251 in the southwestern Indian Ocean formed in a complex tectonic region affected by the separation of Africa and South America. The different ages and variable geochemical features of these DSDP basalts probably reflect this tectonic complexity. For example, Site 251 on the flanks of the Southwest Indian Ridge is represented by normal MORB which probably originated at the Southwest Indian Ridge. Site 250 in the Mozambique...
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