Phosphorus dynamics in waters of the Pacific Ocean, supplement to: Sorokin, Yury I (1990): Variations in mineral phosphorus in the waters of the Eastern Pacific Ocean. Oceanology, 30(1), 52-57

Yury I Sorokin
Tagged phosphorus was used to measure principal indices of mineral phosphorus variations in the euphotic zone of the East Pacific, i.e. total rate of uptake of phosphate phosphorus by microplankton (A_t), fraction consumed by phytoplankton (A_p/A_t), and turnover time (T). A_t reached its greatest values (150-280 ng/l/hour) in the upwelling zone of the Peru traverse, where development of phytoplankton was induced by upwelling. In other areas of this traverse values were 40-80 ng/l/hour in surface...
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