Hydrological and hydrochemical parameters in mouth areas of rivers entering the Kandalaksha Bay in June and September 2000, supplement to: Savenko, Alexandra V (2001): Hydrochemical structure of mouth areas of the small rivers discharging into Kandalaksha Bay of the White Sea. Translated from Okeanologiya, 1999, 41(6), 835-843, Oceanology, 41(6), 799-807

Alexandra V Savenko
Distributions of dissolved oxygen concentration, pH, and concentrations of dissolved silica, phosphates, strontium, calcium, fluorine, and boron in mouth areas of small rivers (Niva, Kolvitsa, Knyazhaya, and Keret') entering Kandalaksha Bay of the White Sea were studied. Strontium, calcium, fluorine, and boron showed conservative, silica and phosphates showed non-conservative behavior caused by their biological consumption.
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