Sedimentology on cores from the Peru Basin, supplement to: Weber, Michael E; von Stackelberg, Ulrich; Marchig, Vesna; Wiedicke-Hombach, Michael; Grupe, B (2000): Variability of surface sediments in the Peru Basin: dependence on water depth, productivity, bottom water flow, and seafloor topography. Marine Geology, 163(1-4), 169-184

Michael E Weber, Ulrich von Stackelberg, Vesna Marchig, Michael Wiedicke-Hombach & B Grupe
We investigated surficial sediments for physico-chemical composition from numerous sites of seven study areas in the manganese nodule field of the northern Peru Basin as part of a deep-sea environmental study. Major results from this study are strong variability with respect to water depth, productivity in surface waters, locality, bottom water flow, and seafloor topography. Sediment sites are located mostly in 3900 to 4300 m water depth between the lysocline and the carbonate compensation depth...
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