Physics, geochemistry and bulk sedimentology on cores from the Peru Basin, supplement to: Weber, Michael E (1998): Estimation of biogenic carbonate and opal by continuous non-destructive measurements in deep-sea sediments from the eastern equatorial Pacific. Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers, 45(11), 1955-1975

Michael E Weber
Empirical relationships between physical properties determined non-destructively by core logging devices and calibrated by carbonate and opal measurements determined on discrete samples allow extraction of carbonate and opal records from the non-destructive measurements in biogenic settings. Contents of detrital material can be calculated as a residual. For carbonate and opal the correlation coefficients (r) are 0.954 and ?0.916 for sediment density, ?0.816 and 0.845 for compressional-wave velocity, 0.908 and ?0.942 for acoustic impedance, and 0.886...
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