Physical properties of 4 cores from the Bengal Fan, supplement to: Weber, Michael E; Wiedicke-Hombach, Michael; Kudrass, Hermann-Rudolph; Hübscher, Christian; Erlenkeuser, Helmut (1997): Active Growth of the Bengal Fan during sea-level rise and highstand. Geology, 25(4), 315-318

Michael E Weber, Michael Wiedicke-Hombach, Hermann-Rudolph Kudrass, Christian Hübscher & Helmut Erlenkeuser
New stratigraphic and high-resolution seismic data from the Bengal Fan indicate that the world's largest fan shows active growth during the most recent sea-level rise and the recent highstand. This unique phenomenon contradicts common sequence-stratigraphic models, and the sediment preserved provides new insight into the sedimentological response of a fan system to sea-level rise, climatic terminations, and monsoon intensity during the past climatic cycle. We present a detailed dated sequence of turbidite sedimentation based on...
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