Mesozooplankton of the northern Barents Sea in October 1998, supplement to: Lebedeva, Lyudmila P; Marasaeva, E F; Anokhina, L L (2001): Mesozooplankton of high-latitude regions of the Barents Sea during the autumn-winter period. Translated from Okeanologiya, 2001, 41(5), 736-744, Oceanology, 41(5), 703-711

Lyudmila P Lebedeva, E F Marasaeva & L L Anokhina
Qualitative and quantitative mesozooplankton composition was examined on materials collected during an expedition carried out in October 1998 onboard the research icebreaker Akademik Fedorov. At different stations number of species varied from 25 to 33; wet biomass - from 20 to 109 g/m**2. Flux of autochthonous organic matter through plankton communities calculated from data on structural and functional analysis was from 2 to 40 mg C/m**2/day.
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