Tab. 6+7: Altitudes and variations of altitudes in the area of the Filchner and Neumayer Stations, supplement to: Lindner, Klaus; Ritter, Bernhard (1985): Geodätische Arbeiten auf den Filchner-Ronne- und Ekström-Schelfeisen 1979 bis 1982. Polarforschung, 55(1), 1-26

Klaus Lindner & Bernhard Ritter
The determination of the strain and velocity behaviour of the ice surface near the two German Antarctic Stations on Filchner/Ronne and Ekström ice shelves was performed by the use of various geodetic measuring techniques. The relative positions and heights of control points valid for reference data were deduced from terrestrial observations (horizontal and vertical angle selectro optical distances). After a second sampling of data, these values served as the basis for the deformation analyses. Doppler-Satellite-observations...
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