Light absorption and phytoplankton biomass in the Black Sea in spring 1995, supplement to: Churilova, T Ya (2001): Light absorption by phytoplankton and detritus in the Black Sea in spring. Translated from Okeanologiya, 2001, 41(5), 719-727, Oceanology, 41(5), 687-695

T Ya Churilova
Spectra of light absorption by suspended matter, phytoplankton, and detritus in the central and coastal parts of the Black Sea over the spring period (March-April 1995) were determined. Vertical homogeneity of the upper 40 m layer with respect to parameters in study was noted. Value of light absorption by phytoplankton normalized with respect to chlorophyll a was virtually independent of chlorophyll a concentration. A linear relationship between light absorption by phytoplankton and chlorophyll a concentration...
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