Tab. 2: Average geochemical composition of dolerites from Neuschwabenland, supplement to: Spaeth, Gerhard; Schüll, P (1987): A survey of mesozoic dolerite dikes from western Neuschwabenland, Antarctica, and their geotectonic significance. Polarforschung, 57(1/2), 93-113

Gerhard Spaeth & P Schüll
In western Neuschwabenland basic dikes occur in the Jurassic lavas and Permian sediments of Vestfjella as weil as in the Precambrian sedimentary-volcanogenic rock sequence of the Ahlmannryggen and in the Precambrian crystalline complexes of Heimefrontfjella and Mannefallknausane. The concentration of the dikes in Vestfjella is conspicuous. Two main directions of strike perpendicular to each other are recognizable, from which the NE-SW striking one is predominant. The direction of the dikes coincides with the Mesozoic and...
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