Electromagnetic, rock magnetic, and geochemical properties of surficial sediments in Eckernförde Bay, supplement to: Müller, Hendrik; von Dobeneck, Tilo; Nehmiz, Wiebke; Hamer, Kay (2011): Near-surface electromagnetic, rock magnetic, and geochemical fingerprinting of submarine freshwater seepage at Eckernförde Bay (SW Baltic Sea). Geo-Marine Letters, 31(2), 123-140

Hendrik Müller, Tilo von Dobeneck, Wiebke Nehmiz & Kay Hamer
Submarine groundwater discharge in coastal settings can massively modify the hydraulic and geochemical conditions of the seafloor. Resulting local anomalies in the morphology and physical properties of surface sediments are usually explored with seismo-acoustic imaging techniques. Controlled source electromagnetic imaging offers an innovative dual approach to seep characterization by its ability to detect pore-water electrical conductivity, hence salinity, as well as sediment magnetic susceptibility, hence preservation or diagenetic alteration of iron oxides. The newly developed...
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