Lithological and chemical composition, stages of sediment accumulation, and sedimentation rates in Core PSh24-2537, West Gotland Basin, Baltic Sea, supplement to: Emelyanov, Emelyan M; Trimonis, Egidius S; Boström, Kurt; Yuspina, L F; Vaikutene, G; Lei, G (2001): Sedimentation in the West Gotland Basin, Baltic Sea (from the data of Core PSh-2537). Translated from Okeanologiya, 2001, 41(6), 910-923, Oceanology, 41(6), 873-885

Emelyan M Emelyanov, Egidius S Trimonis, Kurt Boström, L F Yuspina, G Vaikutene & G Lei
We studied the grain-size, mineral and chemical compositions, physical properties, radiocarbon age, spore-pollen spectra, and diatom composition in sediments from Core PSh24-2537 sampled in the West Gotland Basin. Four lithological-stratigraphic units were distinguished: varved clays of the Baltic Ice Lake, black and black-gray (sulfide) clays of the Yoldian Sea, gray clays of Ancylus Lake, and greenish-gray sapropel-like littorine and post-littorine silts of the marine stage of Holocene. These units differ from each other both in...
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