(Table 1) Productive characteristics of phytoplankton and some relevant factors in the North Atlantic in September-October 1991, supplement to: Vedernikov, Vladimir I; Demidov, A B (1999): Primary production and chlorophyll in the North Atlantic in September-October 1991. Translated from Okeanologiya, 1999, 39(6), 876-886, Oceanology, 39(6), 796-805

Vladimir I Vedernikov & A B Demidov
During the study period values of primary production in the water column (C_pc) and average chlorophyll a concentration in the photosynthetic layer along the transect across the North Atlantic Current (NAC) were 140-348 mg C/m**2/day and 0.15-0.47 µg/l, along the transect across the Gulf Stream these values were 201-407 mg C/m**2/day and 0.13-0.24 µg/l; at stations of the sub-latitudinal (21°-28°N) transect across the Atlantic Ocean they were 95-360 mg C/m**2/day and 0.09-0.20 µg/l; and in...
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