Cadmium and lead in sea ice and seawater of the Amur Bay, Sea of Japan, supplement to: Nedashkovskii, A P (2002): Cadmium and lead in the ice of Amur Bay (Sea of Japan). Translated from Okeanologiya, 2002, 42(3), 364-369, Oceanology, 42(3), 344-349

A P Nedashkovskii
Distribution of Cd and Pb in sea ice and in under-ice water of the Amur Bay at the end of February 1998 is considered. The metals were determined by technique of inversion voltammetry. Contribution of Cd and Pb from atmospheric precipitation and from under-ice water to sea ice examined is discussed. On the basis of analysis of vertical distribution in ice, atmospheric fluxes supplying metals to the aquatic area of the bay are estimated at...
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