Chemical and isotopic compositions of authigenic carbonates from the area of the Sakhalin-Deryugin gas anomaly, Sea of Okhotsk, supplement to: Obzhirov, Anatoly I; Astakhov, Anatoly S; Astakhova, N V (2000): Genesis and conditions of formation of authigenous carbonates in the Quarternary sedimentary cover in the region of the Sakhalin-Deryugin gas anomaly (Sea of Okhotsk). Translated from Okeanologiya, 2000, 40(2), 280-288, Oceanology, 40(2), 258-266

Anatoly I Obzhirov, Anatoly S Astakhov & N V Astakhova
Features of sedimentation of carbonate mineral associations in the northeastern shelf of Sakhalin and other regions of the Sea of Okhotsk are considered. Special attention is paid to correlation between carbonate neoformations and abnormal fluxes of methane. In bottom sediments with high contents of methane carbonate-sulfide associations occur, their generation has been influenced by gas (mostly methane) fields. Joint consideration of distribution of gas and geochemical fields and mineral associations in the Sea of Okhotsk...
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