Mesozooplankton and phytoplankton time series of the Baltic Monitoring Program (BMP), supplement to: Dahmen, Karl (1997): Dynamics of the main mesozooplankton taxa in the Bornholm Basin (1988-1992). Ojaveer, E. (ed) Proceedings of the 14th Baltic Marine Biologists Symposium. Estonian Academy Publishers, Talinn, 5-34

Karl Dahmen
Within the monitoring programme of the Helsinki Commission (HELCOM) the mesozooplankton of the Bornholm Basin (ICES subdivision 25, station BMP-K2) was sampled by the WP-2 net (lOOfJm) 5-8 times a year in 1988-1992. Abundance, biomass, secondary production and productivity (P/B) were given for mesozooplankton groups and copepod species. Environmental factors recorded were temperature, chlorophyll a and primary production.Within copepods, the dominant species were Temora longicornis and Pseudocalanus minutus with yearly peak values of 40-50% of...
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