Hydrochemistry measured on water bottle samples during POLARSTERN cruise ANT-VIII/2, supplement to: Mackensen, Andreas; Hubberten, Hans-Wolfgang; Scheele, Norbert; Schlitzer, Reiner (1996): Decoupling of d13CSUMCO2 and phosphate in recent Weddell Sea deep and bottom water: implications for glacial Southern Ocean paleoceanography. Paleoceanography, 11(2), 203-215

Andreas Mackensen, Hans-Wolfgang Hubberten, Norbert Scheele & Reiner Schlitzer
On a section between 72°S and 42°S and a transect between 60°E and 10°E through the Weddell Sea and the southernmost eastern Atlantic Ocean, the water column was sampled on 72 stations, and the stable carbon isotopic composition of total dissolved inorganic carbon (delta13C(SumCO2)) as well as the stable oxygen isotopic composition of seawater (delta18O) was determined. These data were compared with potential temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen and phosphate data from the same stations. The...
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