Sea surface temperature reconstruction on three sediment profiles off Portugal, supplement to: Abrantes, Fatima F; Lebreiro, Susana Martin; Rodrigues, Teresa; Gil, Isabelle M; Bartels-Jonsdottir, Helga B; Oliveira, Paulo; Kissel, Catherine; Grimalt, Joan O (2005): Shallow-marine sediment cores record climate variability and earthquake activity off Lisbon (Portugal) for the last 2000 years. Quaternary Science Reviews, 24, 2477-2494

Fatima F Abrantes, Susana Martin Lebreiro, Teresa Rodrigues, Isabelle M Gil, Helga B Bartels-Jonsdottir, Paulo Oliveira, Catherine Kissel & Joan O Grimalt
Sea Surface Temperature (SST), river discharge and biological productivity have been reconstructed from a multi-proxy study of a high-temporal-resolution sedimentary sequence recovered from the Tagus deposition center off Lisbon (Portugal) for the last 2000 years. SST shows 2 °C variability on a century scale that allows the identification of the Medieval Warm Period (MWP) and the Little Ice Age (LIA).High Iron (Fe) and fine-sediment deposition accompanied by high n-alkane concentrations and presence of freshwater diatoms...
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