Pollen profile from Schonen, Sweden, supplement to: Nilsson, Tage (1964): Standardpollendiagramme und C14-Datierungen aus dem Agerøds Mosse im mittleren Schonen. Lunds Universitets Årsskrift, Avd. 2. 59(7), 52 pp

Tage Nilsson
Two new Standard pollen diagrams from the raised bog Ageröds mosse in central Scania are presented and discussed. They have been made giving extensive consideration to the NAP and spores also. The new diagrams comprise in the main only the Post-glacial and can easily be compared with the earlier published Standard diagram from the bog (T. NILSSON 1935). The development of the Post-glacial Vegetation in the surroundings is also discussed and compared with the conditions...
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