137Cs concentrations in the southeastern Baltic Sea in 1997-2000, supplement to: Styro, D; Lukinskiene, M; Morkuniene, R (2004): Peculiarities of the self-cleaning process of the Baltic Sea of radionuclide 137Cs. Translated from Oceanology, 2004, 44(2), 199-207, Oceanology, 44(2), 183-191

D Styro, M Lukinskiene & R Morkuniene
Variations of 137Cs concentration in the southeastern Baltic Sea were investigated over the period 1997-2000, i.e. in 11-14 years after the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant accident. Rate of "self-cleaning" proved to be very slow. Some results obtained in 1999 were almost the same as those measured after the accident, in 1986. Calculated results showed that "Chernobyl" caesium-137 would be "cleaned" in the Baltic Sea by 2020-2022. In 2000 average concentration had to be about 50-60...
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