Radiocarbon age and sedimentation rates of bottom sediments in the Obskaya Gube (Ob River estuary, supplement to: Kuptsov, Vladimir M; Lisitzin, Alexander P (2003): Holocene sedimentation in the Ob Guba (Bay) and the adjacent shelf zone. Translated from Oceanology, 2003, 43(2), 254-261, Oceanology, 43(2), 240-246

Vladimir M Kuptsov & Alexander P Lisitzin
Complex geological-geochemical studies of water column and bottom sediments were carried out during Cruise 49 of R/V "Dmitry Mendeleev" in the Kara Sea shelf zone along the Obskaya Guba (Ob River estuary) from the Pur River and Taz River mouths to 76°N. Carbon-14 concentrations in organic matter from bottom sediments were determined at 5 stations. Constant initial 14C concentration model was used to determine sedimentation rates that were taken as a basis for calculating ages...
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