Downhole logging of the AND-2A borehole, Victoria Land Basin, McMurdo Sound, Antarctica, supplement to: Wonik, Thomas; Grelle, Thomas; Handwerger, David A; Jarrard, Richard D; McKee, Andrew; Patterson, Taylor; Paulsen, Timothy S; Pierdominici, Simona; Schmitt, Douglas R; Schröder, Henning; Speece, Marvin; Wilson, Terry; SMS Science Team (2009): Downhole measurements in the AND-2A borehole, ANDRILL southern McMurdo Sound Project, Antarctica. Terra Antartica, 15(1), 41-48

Thomas Wonik, Thomas Grelle, David A Handwerger, Richard D Jarrard, Andrew McKee, Taylor Patterson, Timothy S Paulsen, Simona Pierdominici, Douglas R Schmitt, Henning Schröder, Marvin Speece, Terry Wilson &
Under the framework of the ANDRILL Southern McMurdo Sound (SMS) Project successful downhole experiments were conducted in the 1138.54 metre (m)-deep AND-2A borehole. Wireline logs successfully recorded were: magnetic susceptibility, spectral gamma ray, sonic velocity, borehole televiewer, neutron porosity, density, calliper, geochemistry, temperature and dipmeter. A resistivity tool and its backup both failed to operate, thus resistivity data were not collected. Due to hole conditions, logs were collected in several passes from the total depth...
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