Rare and trace element analyses from DSDP Holes 31-291 and 31-294 from the Philippine Sea, supplement to: Bonatti, Enrico; Kolla, V; Moore, Willard S; Stern, C (1979): Metallogenesis in marginal basins: Fe-rich basal deposits from the Philippine Sea. Marine Geology, 32(1-2), 21-37

Enrico Bonatti, V Kolla, Willard S Moore & C Stern
Metal-rich sediments were found in the West Philippine Basin at DSDP sites 291 (located about 500 km SW of the Philippine Ridge or Central Basin Fault) and 294/295 (located about 580 km NE of the Philippine Ridge). In both cases the metalliferous deposits constitute a layer, probably Eocene in age, resting directly above the basaltic basement at the bottom of the sediment column. The chemistry of the major (including Fe and Mn) and trace elements...
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