Biology community and bottom sediments in the West Bay of the Furugelm Island, Sea of Japan, supplement to: Ozolinsh, A V; Nekrasova, M I (2003): Forming of soft bottom community spatial structure near Furugelm Island (Sea of Japan). Translated from Okeanologiya, 2003, 43(1), 89-96, Oceanology, 43(1), 83-90

A V Ozolinsh & M I Nekrasova
An experiment was carried out on the soft bottom in the sublitoral zone of the Furugelm Island (Peter the Great Bay, Sea of Japan) to study formation of benthic communities. Boxes with defauned sediments were placed on depths of 4, 6 and 13 m and exposed during 60 days in the summer period. Half of them were covered with a net with mesh size 2 cm to prevent effect of large predators. It was found...
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