(Table 1) Major and trace elements analyses from FAMOUS-Project and DSDP Site 54-424, supplement to: Bonnot-Courtois, Chantal (1981): Distribution des terres rares dans les depots hydrothermaux de la zone FAMOUS et des galapagos-Comparaison avec les sediments metalliferes. Marine Geology, 39(1-2), 1-14

Chantal Bonnot-Courtois
Hydrothermal deposits "sensu stricto" have been recovered during the FAMOUS cruise and Leg 54 of the Deep Sea Drilling Project near the Galapagos Spreading Centre. The studied sediments, mainly composed of clay material, have very poor REE concentrations, below about ten ppm. The shale-normalized patterns are characterized by a significant enrichment in heavy rare earths and show a negative Ce anomaly. The magnitude of this anomaly fluctuates but is generally lower than the seawater Ce...
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