Planktic foraminifers, oxygen- and carbon isotopic compositions, and radiocarbon age in bottom sediments from Core AMK4-316GC, supplement to: Barash, Max S; Yushina, Irina G; Spielhagen, Robert F (2002): Reconstructions of the Quaternary paleohydrological variability by planktonic foraminifers (North Atlantic, Reykjanes Ridge). Translated from Okeanologiya, 2002, 42(5), 744-756, Oceanology, 42(5), 711-722

Max S Barash, Irina G Yushina & Robert F Spielhagen
In a sediment core AMK4-316 (460 cm long) on the basis of radiocarbon, oxygen isotope, and lithological data climatostratigraphy is established for time interval about 145 ka. The method of factor analysis and spline interpolation applied to data on distribution of planktic foraminifera species has allowed to reconstruct average annual and seasonal temperatures and salinity at the surface and at depth 100 m. The optimum of the Last Interglaciation (5e) is characterized by maximal temperatures,...
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