Cladocera in ponds of the Varanger Peninsula, supplement to: Meijering, Meertinus P D (1988): Zur Verbreitung von Cladoceren in Tümpeln der Varanger-Halbinsel und anderer waldfreier Landschaften in verschiedenen geographischen Breiten. Polarforschung, 58(1), 13-24

Meertinus P D Meijering
Up to now 19 species of Cladocera have been found in ponds of the Varanger Peninsula (Eastern Finnmark, Norway), which are presented here. A comparison with other regions in the northern Holarctic shows, that the limits of distribution of Cladocera mainly run parallel to latitudes. Using the number of Cladocera-species as an indicator, certain regions seem to be either favoured or unfavoured with respect to the climate in inland-waters. The Varanger Peninsula can be reckoned...
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