Stable isotope and geochemical record of ODP Hole 124-769A, supplement to: Linsley, Braddock K; von Breymann, Marta T (1991): Stable isotopic and geochemical record in the Sulu Sea during the lats 750 ky: assessment of surface water variability and paleoproductivity changes. In: Silver, EA; Rangin, C; von Breymann, MT; et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 124, 379-396

Braddock K Linsley & Marta T von Breymann
Deep marine late Pleistocene sediments from Ocean Drilling Program Sulu Sea Site 769 contain a high-resolution record of paleoceanographic change in this strongly monsoonal climatic setting in the tropical western Pacific. Detailed time series of planktonic foraminifer (G.ruber; white variety) d18O, d13C, and bulk CaCO3 mass accumulation rate (MAR) were generated, spanning the last 750 k.y. Sedimentation rates in this portion of the record average 8.5 cm/k.y., and vary from 4 to 16 cm/k.y.Cross spectral...
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