Phytoplankton and bacterial productivity in the Tugur Bay (Sea of Okhotsk) in July-August 1990, supplement to: Dzyuban, A N (2003): Primary productional processes in the waters of the Gulf of Tugur in the Okhotsk Sea. Translated from Okeanologiya, 2003, 43(3), 383-392, Oceanology, 43(3), 359-368

A N Dzyuban
A study of quantitative characteristics: phytoplankton photosynthesis (Ph), bacterial assimilation of CO2 (BA), total abundance of bacteria (TAB) and organic matter destruction (D) was carried out in waters the Tugur Bay (tidal level fluctuations up to 7 m) in July-August 1990. Calculations were made of integral indices in some parts: Ph -10-630, BA - 8-29, D - 280-1015 and of total primary production (TPP) - 18-652 mg C/(m2 day). According to obtained data and TAB...
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